Singled Out: Rococode's Hunter Gather


Andrew Braun from the indie electro-pop group Rococode tells us about their new single "Hunter Gather" from their album "Don't Worry It Will Be Dark Soon". Here is the story:

Our latest single "Hunter Gather" was demoed as something remarkably different than the version that was eventually included on our sophomore album Don't Worry It Will Be Dark Soon. It had a very dark and heavy synth intro and big, nasty programmed drums. It had a very Nine Inch Nails vibe to it, which is a pretty long way from the vibe of most of our music. The demo proceeded to build up toward a massive and triumphant chorus that had strings, horns, gang vocals… really dramatic stuff. We were pretty excited about the song, thinking it was definitely a single candidate.

We locked ourselves away in a cabin with our producers Caleb Shreve and Ted Gowans to make our record and the song quickly became a contentious one. We sort of tried starting a few different approaches and couldn't reach consensus, so we kept putting it back on the shelf and finishing off songs that we could all get behind. Eventually it was time to stop procrastinating and fight it out. We tried a really fast version, inspired by The Knife, but scrapped it pretty quick because it was tough to squeeze the vocal phrasing in. We tried a more chill, downtempo version, but that got boring fast. We argued for a while and then decided it would maybe be more productive to try writing something new from scratch. Caleb sampled Laura's voice from another song we were working on and made the intro. A couple of hooks fell into place and we had a little momentum going with this "new song." Then we realized that this was turning into ideal framework for the song we had all but given up on and finally we had something that all four of us could get behind. From there the recording went very quickly as we went back to civilization and added more elements in Vancouver and New York and it turned into one of our favourites on the album and is a blast to play live.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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