Singled Out: Dark Sermon's The Eyeless Needle

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Dark Sermon are getting ready to hit the road for a summer tour and to celebrate we asked Johnny Crowder to tell us the story behind the song "The Eyeless Needle" from their latest album "The Oracle". Here is the story:

This track is actually the only song on this album that had certain riffs written around vocal patterns, which gives it a very unique feel. The story is somewhat of a fable I invented, about a mighty serpent that was entrusted with guarding the gate to ascension. If anyone is to progress past this life, they must first go through him. However, instead of being fair and balanced, he has allowed the power to go straight to his head. His ego is so inflated that he sees no one as worthy of passing, so he denies everyone entry.

When a dove attempts to cross, he says that he would sooner kill himself than allow a lowly dove to ascend, even though doves are a universal symbol for purity and light. The snake tells the dove it can turn and walk in the opposite direction forever, because it has no chance of passing. The dove looks for a chink in the serpent's armor - a missing scale - and sees exploiting that weakness as the only way to prevail. This weakness is a metaphor for the snake's pride and lack of humility, which the dove can use to its advantage.

The concept of an eyeless needle is simple, though. If you are using a threaded needle, you are sewing something together, or mending a tear. If there is no thread, you are simply stabbing without the intention of repairing anything. Using this metaphor, the snake is wielding the eyeless needle, because he is drunk on power and causing only harm.

When we play this song live, during the drone-y bass solo part, I light a smudge stick (sage) and write passages in the air above the crowd. This is one of the slowest tracks on the album, which really adds to the atmosphere.

Humility is something everyone should have, regardless of their position or the power they wield. Hopefully, you won't have to become wounded beyond repair or self-destructive to discover that ego can become one's downfall. Keep a level head and you should be alright.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself here and learn more about the album, see their upcoming tour dates right here!

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Singled Out: Dark Sermon's The Eyeless Needle

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