Singled Out: Suns of Thyme's Intuition Unbound

Suns of Thyme

Krautgaze rockers Suns of Thyme just released their brand new album "Cascades" and to celebrate we asked Tobias Felte to tell us the story behind the song "Intuition Unbound". Here is the story:

Most commonly when writing a song, I try to capture the theme of the time to make it more visible for myself. For example; just try to look back on a specific time of your life, or one specific year of your life, and see how this time had a certain overall theme-ness. This theme will be an experience, a subtle feeling.

The overall theme of your experience for that year or time will arise in your mind. When looking back, this is not very hard for most people, but to be conscious about overall themes in the present moment is a another story.

When I wrote Intuition Unbound, the big theme was intuition. Going further in my practice, this was something that just started to appear, waiting for me to discover it. I started to do all sorts of tests and a lot of research. For example going on long walks through the city without an idea where to go next, trying to listen to that little voice and find some meaning in what it says.

Turning left here and right there, engage in a conversation with a stranger, or being to shy to do so, just to find myself on a detour because I wouldn't listen. On one of these walks I „accidentally" found the place we are rehearsing in now, so it really started to shift from experimenting to being actually useful.

During and after this process all the parts that make up the lyrics for this song were in front of me, but it was not making sense at all. When we started to work on the song together in the rehearsal room bit by bit things fell in place and the solution to my initial problem just presented itself. A classical Verse/Chorus structure wouldn't work, there had to be two interwoven but kind of separate parts.

The first part represents my then current state of mind, that was kind of lamenting in an almost arrogant way, the second (as soon as the fuzz sets in) can be understood as some kind of message from my future self to keep my feet on the ground

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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Singled Out: Suns of Thyme's Intuition Unbound

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