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Mugg Shot

Abottsford, BC rapper Mugg Shot releases his new album "Mean Muggin" today (September 16th) and to celebrate we asked him to tell us about some of the tracks. Here are the stories:

It's Goin' Down feat. Mike Jones: I was basically in the middle of working on a feature with Gorilla Zoe and Merkules at the time I heard that I was gonna be doing a track with Mike Jones. I basically had just got a few new beats that day as well, and I was browsing through what I had available, and couldn't find anything that I liked or that sounded like something that Mike Jones would be on, so I called my producer JT from Paranoyd Sound Studios. I eventually found that beat I used for our feature on his page and I bought it from him. I remember sitting outside with my girlfriend listening to as many Mike Jones songs I could find, then I started listening to the instrumental I chose for the track, and that's when everything almost came to me at once. I was having a couple drinks on my balcony, and I could almost hear Mike Jones on the hook saying, "It's Goin' Down..." so I had the start essentially of the chorus and it was about filling the rest in. I didn't know what would be the rest of the chorus essentially, but I knew that the start of the next bar for it had to be something similar in syllables and rhyme, so I thought hard for a few minutes, then I was like "By the pound..." then "scrapes the ground" came to my mind next so I wrote that down, then I came up right away with "throw around..." and I started reading those 4 things I jotted down and started filling in the rest of the chorus to end those. It was super dope because I could literally almost hear Mike Jones saying those exact things. I've been a huge fan of Mike Jones from when I was younger, and I knew he made tracks that are always high energy and hype, and I feel blessed I was able to work with him. He actually called me from his studio to show me the progress he was making with recording the verse, and he was also very professional. So getting to hear his final verse he sent over completely blew me away and it inspired to me to write my verse in the same style, so I essentially complimented him and his verse and made mine have a similar flow and ending. Once it was done, I hired Stuey Kubrick to shoot the video for it, and you can view the video for it on YouTube, "It's Goin' Down" Mugg Shot feat. Mike Jones, its still one of my favorite tracks today and it's also the last track on my LP "Mean Muggin" which drops September 16!

"Who Am I": Who Am I came to be basically after my brother Darcy and I were talking about styles of tracks I've already written. I realized I haven't done a track that was essentially me opening up to the audience about my past and my life, people aren't necessarily happy every day of their life or ballin' out of control like people write about, there's definitely hard times before every good thing that happens. I remember browsing through myflashstore.net for beats and came across this producer Just beats and I was really digging his sound and style of beats, and that's when I came across his instrumental which was called "Who Am I" and it drew me to it so I listened to it. After hearing it a couple times I followed up by buying the exclusive and started writing to it right away. I found it hard at first to start writing about my past because a part of me didn't want to open up, but once I started writing, the rest of the verse came really easily to me. I started talking about when I first moved back to Red Deer and ended up staying with my grandma, and some of the struggles I went through being with her. She was diabetic and also had cancer, so she couldn't do everything for herself anymore and that was about the time I got involved in some gang activity and any money I made I put towards her bills to help her. Eventually she passed away and my life started taking a downward spiral, and I ended up going to jail numerous amounts of times, and almost got 16 years from the last set of charges, but they ended up getting thrown out, and that's when I decided to get out of Red Deer, Alberta in Canada, and tried the whole working legit thing, which took a lot of adjusting on my end, but then another accident occurred. Myself and a friend were on a balcony having a smoke, and the railing we were leaning on outside gave out and we both fell 20 feet into a concrete parking lot. My friend Kyle broke his pelvic bone on either side and his left arm, and he fell backwards. I unfortunately fell face first, I watched myself fall in what seemed like slow motion and I landed on my left elbow, which followed by the right elbow, then my jaw and knees connected next. I ended up breaking both my elbows to the point where the left elbow had to be completely replaced, and I had to get a plate put in my right elbow. I also broke both my wrists, my thumb and my jaw. After this happened, I moved out to my brothers place in Abbotsford, BC, Canada, and that's when I started getting into music, this was about July of 2014 when I moved out to BC. The things to follow were me dropping my first EP "Got Caught. Not Guilty." in March 2015, then "Replay" with my homie RZ in March 2016. I've been doing good and staying out of trouble since then, which inspired my second verse. Thanks for your time and reading!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!


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