Singled Out: Dreamer & Son's Cheat

Dreamer Son

Dreamer & Son recently released their brand new single entitled "Cheat" and to celebrate we asked frontman Sayak Das to tell us about the track. Here is the story:

Whenever I'm alone or in a naturally creative mindset, I tend to relive certain moments in my life. They play out like movie scenes in my head as I constantly repeat and reassess the details of whatever happens to pop into my head.

During the summer of my sophomore year in college, I was only playing through scenes that revolved around sour relationships. That entire year had been spent in my head. Whether I was just drifting away in class or blowing things out of proportion, one thing was constant; I was overthinking every single thing possible. It was very easy for me to blame myself for the awful situations I found myself in while I was in that mindset. Because of that, I failed to notice how some relationships and friendships I had were toxic because of the other party. There was no mutual respect in these relationships and it was very obvious. The lyrics of "Cheat" detail but one of those relationships, so I won't spend too much time retelling the story. Let's backtrack a little bit.

The day before I left for that sophomore year summer, I came up with a guitar lick that really stuck. I remember sitting in the living room of my apartment playing that one riff for hours on end, to the point that it drove my roommate insane. That guitar lead ended up being one of the most memorable part of "Cheat" and really helped get that song off the ground. It took me almost two months to write anything else to that lick, because nothing I wrote seemed "worthy". But one day it clicked and I wrote the chord progression that ended up finding it's way into the final version. The verses seemed to write themselves after that. I sat on a couple verses, a solid chord progression, and a catchy guitar riff for about two more months until I brought the idea to my guitarist (Matt Bolton).

At first glance, the guys weren't really into the vibe that I was gunning for. This made perfect sense, seeing as we had only made very hard hitting, emotionally charged music at that point. Presenting and upbeat, catchy idea was very far left field. It took a little bit of conversation, but I managed to convince them that there was a way to make this work for us. Matt and I sat down and tracked the first demo up until the second verse. I came back a week later and Matt had found the special ingredient; the big halftime finale at the end of "Cheat". This aspect of the song was very important as it tied together everything we had done up to that point very nicely. Jake (bass) and Josh (drums) came in at that point and really added smoothness, groove, and finesse. The halftime groove that's presented in the pre-chorus/hook was conceived at that time.

From then on, we demoed through the song a couple times until we hit the sweet spot. We took the piece to the same studio we recorded our EP "Written Off, Moving On" at, VuDu Studios. Our head producer, Mike Watts, really ran with what we had provided him. We took the finished product to a video studio and shot our music video with Tim Burton (Timbur Media). The rest is history.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself as you watch the video here and learn more about the group right here!

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Singled Out: Dreamer & Son's Cheat

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