Singled Out: Inner Tongue's Underworld

Inner Tongue

Alt-pop star Inner Tongue tells us about his new hit single "Underworld" which has already amassed an impressive 50,000 plays on Spotify since its release earlier this month. Here is the story:

Underworld was one of the first tracks I wrote after the *Tz, Ka* EP. I've had one of these moments, where a feeling resonated with what I played on the acoustic guitar and the song was pretty much there within minutes. I usually take very long to write a song, it's hard work after all, but with this one it had been different.

Before we went into the studio, we supported Ghostpoet on his tour through Germany and Austria. I wanted to try the song out live and came up with a different instrumentation with my band, blending in my obsession of Stranger Things back then. We tried out a few repeating patterns for the ending, but they were quite different to what ended up on the album. I remeber us singing "love" instead of "sun" and feeling so cheesy about it (ha!). Ghostpoet used to watch our shows, which was super kind of him. He gave us feedback, too, which really helped gaining perspective in regards to the album in progress. He had a different favourite song, though, called Catch. You'll hear it on the album.

Sometime after the tour, we went into the studio with John Catlin and had a rough time figuring out the right tempo for Underworld. After weeks of indecision, we recorded a sped up second version. I remember asking myself how we could ever have thought the slower tempo would potentially be right (ha!). We also added a few percussion loops generated with one of the modular synths at Assault & Battery which added more depth and drive one night with John. At some point we decided that the song was ready and felt really good about it. I hardly ever hit the spot where I wouldn't change a thing, so it's good to have people around me who know how to handle that. It is not like I couldn't keep working on details forever.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself here and learn more about the Inner Tongue right here!

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Singled Out: Inner Tongue's Underworld

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