Singled Out: Warden's Carpe The DMs (Feat. Sisterwife)


Los Angeles based electronic producer Warden tells us the story behind his latest track "Carpe The DMs (Feat. Sisterwife)". Here is the story:

Funny enough I came up with the title "Carpe the DM's" before the song was even made. I was with my management at a Shake Shack and one of them using Tindr at the time. We were just giving him sh*t about his dating life when I randomly said, "you just gotta Carpe those DM's bro." We all laughed and then realized, "holy sh*t this a great song title." We kept talking about how we wanted to make fun of internet culture, online dating culture, club culture and how perfectly the phrase "Carpe the DM's" is for it. So like that we had a theme for the song. After I wrote the song I joined up with Sisterwife who helped take it to the next level. Her lyrics are based on real drunken texts and watching drunk girls fall over at the club.

With the music video we came up with idea that I was gonna be stuck in an infomercial nightmare because that's basically what reality we all live in now. If you search thing on google you suddenly get ads for it everywhere. So we really played off of the idea that we are constantly getting sold useless sh*t that's supposed to make us feel better. Except if we don't buy the sh*t, it's gonna kill us.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself right here!

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