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Dawn Of Disease

Dawn Of Disease just released their brand new album "Ascension Gate" and to celebrate we asked guitarist and songwriter Lukas to tell us about the title track and single. Here is the story:

"Ascension Gate" came into being within a time when I was very focused on writing new material for the album. It was a really intense time as I wrote the whole album in a comparatively short time of less than a half year. The music of "Ascension Gate" is inspired by Scandinavian (Death-) Metal and carries a dark and gloomy atmosphere.

My personal inspiration for writing this song was the darkness and melancholy of late autumn and winter when the days are short and the nights seem to swallow everything - even the own thoughts. But still one bears the knowledge that this state is not eternal and the light will xome back sooner or later giving birth to the everlasting circle of life.

In this sentiment one is asking the fundamental question whether death means end and darkness or if there is a possibility to transcend this point.

"Ascension Gate" metaphorically raises the question of the existence of an ulterior world of which everyone who believes in has an individual image in mind. In a slight way the song also criticizes those who are not able to think or speak about death as it is still a taboo in most societies although being a 'normal' thing that every organism including humans have to face one day. All this is comglomerated in a catchy and melodic song.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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