Singled Out: Good Tiger's Grip Shoes

Good Tiger

Good Tiger recent released their new single "Grip Shoes" from their forthcoming album "We Will All Be Gone" and to celebrate we asked singer Elliot Coleman to tell us about the track. Here is the story:

"Grip Shoes" is without a doubt one of my favourite songs I have been a part of. We had started to write our second album and made some instrumental demos prior to a tour we had in the fall of 2016. Grip Shoes immediately stuck out me, specifically the guitar melody in the chorus. I must have listened to the demo a hundred times during that tour, working and developing the vocals. Once the tour was over I started vocal pre-pro and developed the whole song, turning what we had into the song it is today.

Depending on the feel of the song, I'll either opt to write the melody first, lyrics second, or vice versa; "Grip Shoes" is a rare instance where it was a mix of both. The chorus was all feel, while I wrote the lyrics then the melody for the verses. The lyrics were inspired by the actions of a close friend of mine, as well as an introspective, existential look at myself. I think all of us can be overwhelmed, procrastinate and let life pass us by. I think in writing these lyrics, it was a wake up call to myself to push myself and do more with what I have.

The song was in a fairly finished state before going into the studio, but we still didn't have a bridge that we felt did justice to the rest of the song. Our producer, Forrester Savell, Dez (guitarist), and myself probably spent a little under an hour coming up with something that gave the song a quick, frantic, and emotional relief, which after weeks of searching for the right part was extremely rewarding. Towards the end of the recording process Forrester wanted to revisit the outro, adding a makeshift choir (all the guys in the studio) to add an extra layer of grandeur and spiritual finale to the song. I think the subject matter is something we could all relate to, and it was great to have everyone in the studio be part of that.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself here and learn more about the album right here!

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Singled Out: Good Tiger's Grip Shoes