Singled Out: Mia LJ's This Livin

Mia LJ

Mia LJ created a buzz with her "These Are The Years" EP and she is now preparing to launch her debut album "This Livin" this fall and has released the title track as a single. We asked her to tell us about the song. Here is the story:

"This Livin" is actually quite dated from an artistic perspective. I wrote the song in 2013 & released the track just weeks ago, now 19 years old. The creative process is a very spontaneous and subconscious thing for me. A melody, progression, or lyrics will pop into my head out of nowhere. Once the idea is there, I jump on it as my memory is sh*t. A hit song concept is like money, it comes & goes. As a multi - instrumentalist & independent writer, I hear the song's complete form in my head -- every instrument, vocal melody, harmony -- every last detail. "This Livin" was built upon a very simple piano foundation. The drum & bass line, guitar arrangements, and lyrics flowed inline immediately. Lyrically, the topics I touch on tend to manifest themselves into reality. The best way to describe this level of foresight within the music is self - prophesied.

"This Livin" comes off as a summer love anthem. Yet, I've realized a connection with these lyrics of the past and my life's current state. At 16 years old, I began experimenting with street / prescription drugs & alcohol quite consistently. Shortly after sinking into this phase, I became committed to doing what I love which consequently affected my decisions. I find myself achieving these natural highs through life & success, hence the chorus lyrics -- "forget about the high life // 'cause this livin' feels so right."

The verse lyrics describe my day to day at the moment -- "I bask in the ice // I bathe in the fire" -- traveling coast to coast & prospering in New York's ever changing climate. The second verse -- "having fun, running around
// singing songs through the town // city lights brighter than ever // illuminating the kind of stuff I treasure" dives deeper into life from my standpoint -- running around from meetings to studio sessions to video shoots as my childhood dreams transform into a current reality. All the while, I try my best to treasure every bit no matter the pace.

To see fans, new & old, respond so positively to my debut music video which was independently organized & directed is hard to grasp. My life is about to change more than I could have ever dreamed. I'm so grateful for the love as I've invested and sacrificed so much to provoke such an outcome. This release has left me hungrier than ever for more success. I'm psyched to serve up all the new music & visuals this year with much more to come!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself right here! or check it out on Spotify

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Singled Out: Mia LJ's This Livin

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