The Eagles In The Studio Special For 45th Anniversary


The 45th anniversary of the Eagles debut album is celebrated in a new episode the syndicated radio show In The Studio with Redbeard: The Stories Behind History's Greatest Rock Bands that features archival interviews with co-founder the late Glenn Frey and former Eagle Randy Meisner. The show sent over the following details:

The album included two Top 10 hits, "Take It Easy" and "Peaceful Easy Feeling", plus the Top 20 "Witchy Woman". By 1972 America's musical continental drift had shifted dramatically westward, in part a reaction to the psychedelic sounds of the "Summer of Love" five years earlier. Bob Dylan had put Upstate New York's Woodstock into his rear view mirror headed for Nashville's skyline, while The Band likewise bailed for Malibu California a continent away. David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash had left their respective internationally established bands to convene in Los Angeles' Topanga Canyon where The Byrds already had flocked around newcomer Gram Parsons. It was into this musical migration westward that rode, independently of one another, unheralded young musicians Don Henley from Northeast Texas and Glenn Frey from Detroit Michigan, who would meet at country rock's nexus in Southern California, then recruit country rock pioneers Bernie Leadon from the Flying Burrito Brothers and Randy Meisner of Poco.

The late Glenn Frey shared with show producer/ host Redbeard how singer Linda Ronstadt helped build the nest for the fledgling Eagles. "Linda (Ronstadt) understood completely and actually helped us get Randy Meisner from Poco and Bernie Leadon from the Burrito Brothers to come and sit in with Linda and her backup band, which had Henley and I in it, so that we could talk to these guys about starting the band."

Eagle bassist Randy Meisner recalls a conversation he had with Glenn Frey about the earliest days of life in the Eagles. "Glen said, ' You know Randy, I don't think we even knew how great it was.' And I thought about that and I said, 'You're exactly right.' We were too young to even know how good it was. You know, just inexperienced. It just all happened." Stream the full episide here.

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