Singled Out: Colossal Street Jam's Won't Last This Way

Colossal Street Jam

Colossal Street Jam recently released their new album "Living Free" and to celebrate we asked Gene Potts to tell us about the song "Won't Last This Way". Here is the story:

"Won't Last This Way" was my attempt at having a political view as a NON political person. All I heard and saw was people fighting about what side they believe in, whether it be Facebook, CNN or the radio. I found it all to be maddening and childish and thought to myself , "well everyone's asking me what side I'm on so why not write about it". The thing is I don't have a side and they are all evil as far as I'm concerned.

Sal Marra our guitarist came in with this great edgy riff and I thought what a great riff to write my views to. "Follow the right road, follow the right way and you won't be rewarded" is the opening line of the song. It's just how I feel about our politicians right now. I based the song off of my dislike of how they act and those who follow blindly.

That's about the most I've ever been political and don't really plan on writing about that again. The guys came up with the sick runs in the song that inspired me to throw in some raspier type vocals. This ended up being my favorite track on the CD.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself right here!

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