Singled Out: Held Hostage's Show Me The Way Back Home

Held Hostage

We have a special Singled Out today where Held Hostage shares the deeply personal story behind their new single "Show Me The Way Back Home". Here is the story:

The song "Show Me the Way Back Home" was the brain child of Lead guitarist and lead vocalist Tom Collier. Tom's brother Mike had served in Vietnam and lifelong service to this country. He became intrigued by how badly not just Vietnam Veterans, but many Veterans in general were treated. It was Tom's passion to help people, and that was the driving force behind the writing of the song. Held Hostage is donating 50% of net proceeds from sales of this song currently to Vietnam Veterans of America and Victory for Vets. Both of endorsed the project.

The Band Held Hostage over the years (current lineup is) Tom Collier, Ray Dorgan, Chuck Robbins Scott Gregg and Frank Smith. Had raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for families in need. They were known as the Rockers with the biggest hearts. Held Hostage over the years lost 6 members to tragedies. Tom took many years off from the music business to raise his son as a single father. Tom said to the guys in the band and the families of past and current members it's time we go back out there and make difference.

By Chance meeting Tom met Legendary Drummer/Producer Carl (The Rods, Anthrax, Overkill) Canedy. Carl listened to the Demo of the song and Carl's quote was " When I first heard the demo of this song, I knew I had to produce it" . Then off to the Studio to record it. Tom hired a famous singer to sing the song as to add more passion to the song. The singer basically took the money (thousands) then said he wanted more money to sing. This project was being totally self funded by Tom to Help Veterans. After months of no response from the singer. Carl Canedy came to Tom and said its time to move on. I have the perfect singer for the song. Carl sent Tom a link and once he heard the singer everyone knew he was perfect.

Bret Alexander of the Badlees sang it with such passion and conviction no one could sing it better. There were many guest appearances on the CD and even a new words video to be released. Then right before the CD goes to print famous artist/Veteran Jay Haiden contacted Tom and Carl and asked if he could help with the art work. We immediately said yes. Scott Braun of Scott Braun photography & Design, designed a new Logo for Held Hostage and all the pieces fell into place.

Here is a direct quote from Jay Haiden "When I first heard the song, I was deeply moved and truly honored that Tom Collier and Carl Canedy commissioned me to create the artwork for it.

I knew its design had to honor those Veterans who had served, those who are currently serving, and those who made the ultimate sacrifice. My hope is that after seeing the art - and hearing the music - that the listener will have a better understanding of what our Veterans experienced."

Had it not been for determination of Carl Canedy this project would have never been completed. Carl went above and beyond and not only was he a great producer, but a great friendship grew out of this between Tom and Carl..

Our hope that this help heal and show Veterans all over that there are people out there that really care. For more information about how to buy the song and help veterans and about Held Hostage band you can go to the following websites here and here

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