Chimaira Confirm Reunion Of 'Classic Lineup'


Chimaira have confirmed that the classic lineup of the band are reuniting for a show in their hometown of Cleveland, OH on December 30th at the Agora Theatre.

The reunion will feature the lineup of frontman Mark Hunter, lead guitarist Rob Arnold, rhythm guitarist Matt DeVries, bassist Jim LaMarca, drummer Andols Herrick and keyboardist Chris Spicuzza.

The band updated the "About Me" section of their Facebook to include everyone but Herrick but posted a graphic that included his name in the reunion which was captioned "The rumors are true". There is no indication yet if the reunion will be continuing beyond this special show.

Andols launched a crowdfunding campaign earlier this year to help raise funds for chronic health issues that he had been facing. He issue the following message to fans back in April: "I'm long overdue with respect to commenting on the GoFundMe campaign, my current status, and all associated thoughts/feelings/reasons. I had originally presumed the campaign had a set time frame, like 7 to 10 days, and was going to say everything after. However, since it doesn't work that way and it will continue to exist indefinitely, then today it shall be.

"First and foremost, I am overwhelmed by the response and contributions, so thank you to everyone who has participated/shared the link/cares that I exist in the first place, and there are numerous individual thank-yous in order as well. When masterminds Tim Herrick and Dick Herrick suggested doing this, it did make me feel uneasy. But considering my reality, and remembering 'Well, it's not like GoFundMe is the IRS, where non-participation is ultimately met with a gun in your face or being thrown in a cage. It's entirely voluntary, and if the worst case scenario is no one choosing to donate, then no harm/no foul.'

"There's a lot of factors involved; personal, emotional, physiological and pathophysiological that has resulted in an increasingly complex situation as time goes on. I'm actually rather confident I know what the root is, and if I'm correct I was always a 2-week antibiotic combo away from either the possibility of feeling significantly better, or at least ruling out another possibility.. Some MDs tend to focus on managing symptoms rather than determine the root cause. When those symptoms are notoriously difficult to manage, they can take a toll. Now, even taking care of the original root cause, I'm still left with secondary and tertiary affects that must also be tended to as well. The end result is an emaciated, chronically fatigued version of yours truly with a quality of life on par with far more serious/terminal diseases cause. I haven't had a waking moment without moderate to severe discomfort since September 13th (yes, I remember the exact date I last felt normal), though I have to go back to June and prior for when 'normal me' was a thing." Read more here

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