Singled Out: Sam Rochford's So Easy

Sam Rochford

Americana singer and songwriter Sam Rochford tells us the story behind her latest single "So Easy". Here is the story:

My little sister got married last year in a really small ceremony. My brother officiated the wedding and she asked me to say something so I could be part of the ceremony too, but I thought it'd be more appropriate to write a song. Once I decided to write a song for the wedding, it was actually very difficult to get it to sound the way I wanted. I wrote 6 or 7 versions of the piece that I scrapped. Everything I was writing about felt too cheesy, too forced, or too disingenuous. I didn't know my sister's husband to be very well at the time so I was trying to write a song about a Disney-esque story of true love and I just hated it.

I actually gave up on writing the song out loud to my boyfriend and decided I would just write a speech because writing the song was too hard. He started referencing dumb inside jokes and tickling me to make me feel better about the song. I started laughing so hard my sides hurt and that's when I realized I was experiencing the type of love I should write about. Real love isn't about two people being perfect for each other, it's about two people accepting each others flaws and putting hard work into a relationship because that's the only way any relationship will last. Once I shifted my mindset it was, pardon my pun, so easy to write the song. I think it took me less than a half and hour and I didn't go back and edit anything.

I was nervous to perform the song for the first time at my sister's wedding. I had only finished the song days before and hadn't really shown it to anybody. I was worried she'd be offended over lines like "I don't mind your bad side as long as you don't mind mine" because it was bringing up her flaws on the day of her wedding, but she loved it. I've seen her change herself for the sake of boyfriends in the past and I could tell this was the real thing, even though I didn't know her husband very well, because she was really being herself. He was accepting her for the person she really was and she was comfortable enough in the relationship to really be herself.

Even though "So Easy" is her wedding song, it's as much about my current relationship as it is about her wedding. I've been in love before and the fatal flaw of all those relationships was that one or both people didn't accept something major about the other person and expected them to eventually change, but that's not how things work!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself right here!

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Singled Out: Sam Rochford's So Easy

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