Singled Out: Pale Rivers' August 6th

Pale Rivers

Eoin from Irish rocker's Pale Rivers tells us about their latest their debut single "August 6th" which they worked on with producer Gavin Glass at his Dublin studio and mixing engineer Kieran Lynch (U2, R.E.M, Elvis Costello). Here is the story:

August 6th came about during a period when we were not as exactly as prolific as we would've liked to be. When we started it we were just demoing on garageband with no clear idea of what it was going to be at first, we were just throwing ideas down and seeing what stuck. After a while the idea began to form and from there it came together very quickly.

We recorded the track with producer Gavin Glass at his Dublin studio, there we finished the song and added more touches to it like the drum machine, group vocals and the ambient synth sounds that feature heavily on it. we also recorded some strange percussion parts for it, using drum sticks on radiators and floorboards that were tracked through ambient mics around the room.

During the recording process one moment that sticks out also is working on the chorus, once the initial music and vocals were done, we still felt like the chorus lacked something so we experimented with group vocals, which wound up being such a huge part of the song, the part initially only had one set of vocals on it and wound up being layered and layered with a bunch of us singing different harmonies.

Lyrically the song is about the idea of different timelines or alternate versions of events and moments in a life. I wanted the lyrics to feel like a snapshot of a bunch of different memories that one might have throughout a lifetime, but all mixed up together and not exactly moving in a straight line. When I was writing the lyrics I was really interested in the Parallel Worlds/Parallel Lives theory, the whole idea that there's another version or another result from something I found really fascinating and wanted to incorporate this into lyrics, so the song focuses on that notion that you might be one place, but there's also another version of this where you're somewhere else entirely, again though I wanted it to be somewhat sporadic and not totally specific to one thing so there's references to different times like childhood, adulthood and adolescence all in same paragraph or verse.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself here and learn more about the band right here!

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Singled Out: Pale Rivers' August 6th

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