Singled Out: The Damn Truth's Heart is Cold

The Damn Truth

Bluesy rockers The Damn Truth frontwoman Lee-La Baum and guitarist Tom Shemer tells us about their song "Heart is Cold" from their latest album "Devilish Folk". Here is the story:

Tom: The song was born from hours on end of jamming in a tiny, hot, room
David (our former bass player) had that main riff and I had the chorus riff but it wasn't until Lee-La came up with those heart melting verses that we really had something going.

After that it all became nice and tight really easily. It felt like Lee-La needed to say something and we just had to make a lot of space for her. Once we figured that out we stepped into the studio and cut the track live off the floor.

Leela: The lyrics of Heart is Cold are less about a personal relationship I have with a lover or a friend ... it's more about my place in this world and that overwhelming feeling of being so numb. So numb that you can't feel anything. Sometimes I feel like I'm so alone... and so far removed that there is almost nothing that can bring me back. It's a song about my relationship to my world.

Tom: After we cut the song we felt like we had something really special here. But it wasn't before the song came back from Tchad Blake in Wales that it really got to where it is today. Tchads approch to music and sounds in general is just so unique and inspiring... he definitely left a huge mark on this tune. He brought this song to new heights. I remember sitting in my living room and listening to the song for the first time after it was mixed ... I was totally blown away.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and see for yourself here and learn more about the album right here!

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