Singled Out: Polar Waves' Stoner

Polar Waves

Up and coming rockers Polar Waves recently released their debut single "Stoner" from their forthcoming album "No One Needs Help Anymore" and we asked frontman Julio Duran to tell us about the track. Here is the story:

It was the fall of 2011, and I'm all packed up and ready to leave my house in Petaluma, CA for a whole year. I disgruntledly agreed to put the California country lifestyle in the freezer to move down to the south of Chile, near Patagonia, to live in the family farm and build a dairy center. Yup, actually lay the foundation to what now is known, locally, as El Camino Dairy Farm. And as Tony goes, I left my heart in San Francisco* (*Petaluma) and started what ended up being a lonely yet memorable part of my life. I took my guitar, pen and pad with me, but they did gather dust down there for a bit.

I kept myself busy buying construction materials and making sure the workers got what they needed. And I drank. A lot. Every end of the day, I'd say bye to the guys and isolate myself in my house. Some days it was whisky, others wine or pisco. I was not happy. So I started writing…every day I would write about my life in the bay area and how I missed that place; how my folks and friends where 500 miles north (in Santiago), and how I was helping out build something I wasn't entirely sure of. The lyrics were pretty self-loathing: "Day in, day out, I'd rock the place out. Looking for attention, I thought I'd know just about everyone". I felt forgotten, washed up and weak.

Then one day, I grabbed the guitar and this energetic progression started pouring out. It felt good, satisfying. I liked it. So I decided to have a self-intervention, a reinvention, a freshening of the mind and spirit. Pounding drinks wasn't fun anymore, it got boring and a little pathetic. I decided to grab the whiny lyrics and use them on the cool chords. I embraced feeling like the weak-ass I thought I was, it empowered me. 'Stoner' is a celebratory song about self-discovery, awareness and being the revolution.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself here and learn more about the band right here!

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Singled Out: Polar Waves' Stoner

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