Singled Out: Madelyn Victoria's Hold On

Madelyn Victoria

Country music star Madelyn Victoria recently released a brand new single entitled "Hold On" and to celebrate we asked her to share the story behind the track with us. Here is the story:

If I could describe my new single "Hold On" in one word, it would be "romantic". Scratch that, "passion". When you find the one you've been waiting for your whole life it's hard not to give in to each other.

I wrote this song while I was living south of Dallas, TX with my best friend. I was recording my EP at the time in Fort Worth, TX and this song came to me a week before I was going in to the studio. At the time I had only been in one, sort of serious, relationship and it ended pretty rough. It's always been my dream to find true love. It may seem like a pipedream nowadays, but with enough faith and will, I believe anyone's dreams can come true.

As many songwriters know, it can take up to a whole year to finish a song, or take as little as an hour. I wrote this song in less than 30 minutes, the words just started flowing. I don't try to think too hard when this happens because I believe that's the beauty of raw talent, and I give all credit to God for. My verse starts off right away with the first word of my title, and goes on to describe what a woman desires from a man. The chorus has the same lyric flow going on. The second verse I change it up a bit with stating "no more second guessing, no more doubt or fear we both know it's a grander plan my dear, I've waited for you for so long now my heart can finally heal- heart mind body and soul let it seal.." those lyrics mean so much to me and really does speak for itself. As a relationship goes on, sometimes one forgets the passion that was at the beginning so in a sense the woman is telling the man to "hold on" to everything they have now and never let their love fade.

I needed the music to really pull the heart strings yet also have a beat that people can still dance too. I wanted the fiddle to play a main roll with steel swells in the background to give that feeling of being pulled in to a love trance.

I am very proud to release this one and hope everyone can relate to it on some level. I know that there is more and more pressure for young people in a world where sex is idolized… but my message at the end of the day with this song is there is nothing wrong with waiting for that right person to give your all to, to wait for the maturity of your heart.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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Singled Out: Madelyn Victoria's Hold On

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