Singled Out: Remark's Keep Running EP


Russian alt-rockers Remark today celebrate their "Keep Running" EP with a special edition of Singled out where they tell us about all of the songs on the effort. Here is the story:

Speaking of the new EP, we cannot forget about the previous album. The record "Remark" was the first big studio work for me, so I will compare my impressions about the new EP mainly with it.
First of all, a few words about the format of the EP. Today it is quite difficult for a young artist to release a full album, because he is limited with money and time. So we cannot afford to release full-size material every year. Mini-albums from several songs can be released more often, without compromising the quality of the work.

"Keep Running" for me, and for the other guys is the new level. This is expressed both in the musical component, and in the technical. We've done a lot of work on the overall sound, ranging from arranging, and working through the parts, to directly searching for the sound. I also want to note that we used new ways of organizing our own work, which turned out to be quite effective.

I will say: "Keep Running" sounds like I want. I hear the echoes of my musical tastes in it, and I think the rest of the band will agree with me. I want to thank all those who took part and just helped in the work on EP, as well as Andrew Konoplev, our sound engineer and sound producer.

Comeback: The main motive of the song Comeback was coined already at the time of the release of the first album, like the main vocal part. The only thing, which missed, was a text that would fit well into the music, and would not only correspond to the general mood of the song, but would also complement it. The problem was solved after the trip of our vocalist Yanas to his hometown - Kemerovo. Emotions with which he returned, perfectly fit into the song and helped him to finish the work on "Comeback".

Purple Haze: The song was written spontaneously, at the rehearsal, and then we totally changed it. The title "Purple Haze" should not be considered completely the influence of Jimmy Hendrix, although it was. The title caught on at once, and subsequently, otherwise as Purple Haze, the song was not perceived. Even though the text changed several times, it was difficult to Yanas sing the word "purple" right. For me Purple Haze is a kind of personification of the last two years of my life, my experiences and aspirations. And it's also the sort of weed.

Shout (Tears For Fears Cover) and Too Close (Alex Clare cover)" The idea to record covers at the studio appeared spontaneously, and everyone fell in love with it. There are a lot of huge songs, cover versions of which became more hits than originals, for example - "Behind Blue Eyes". These two songs we performed live and the crowd liked it. In any case, we have compositions in our style, and if the idea justifies itself, then in the future there may be new cover versions of the songs in our releases.

Learn more about the EP right here!

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