Singled Out: GusMcArthur's End Of Eternity


GusMcArthur have released a thrashy track called "End Of Eternity" as the first single from their brand new EP "Chapter 2: Fanatic" and to celebrate we asked Gordon Allen to tell us about the track. Here is the story:

It's funny, most people hear this song for the first time and almost immediately understand what Gus was going for musically, which is great! We hear, "man that's straight 80's thrash!" or "what thrash band is this and how old is it?" End of Eternity was our homage to some of our favorite music, thrash metal. We wanted to create something tenacious, hard hitting, technical and of course FAST! Mainly the result from countless hours of speed picking and listening to big four records; the song also reflects the anger in the worlds current state of affairs. Our guitarist Honan said, "The turmoil on the news, the fear being spread from countries regarding war and nuclear holocaust almost seems like we are back in the 50's again, so we should make something new to reflect the old." Music has always been produced by combining both the new and old so we really wanted to splice styles, technique and tone for End Of Eternity to create something familiar, but unique as well with the modern recording feel.

Originally the idea for this track on the EP came from being video game addicts. There are so many post apocalyptic games, but Fallout was definitely the driving force behind the song title as well as theme. The band collectively decided to create a song that would transmit this video game post apocalyptic world into something that could not only be heard, but felt. The adrenaline spike it manifests in us playing live or in the recording studio made us know we were creating something special. If you are FALLOUT players, we would high recommend playing this song on loop for a few hours of epic apocalypse gaming, you will definitely see what we were going for or you might just go insane.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself here and learn more about the the second installment in a larger "book" of EPs right here!

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Singled Out: GusMcArthur's End Of Eternity

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