Singled Out: Disciples of Babylon's Without You

Disciples of Babylon

Disciples of Babylon are releasing their new album 'The Rise and Fall of Babylon' on October 6th. To celebrate we asked Eric Knight to tell us about the lead single "Without You". Here is the story:

Without You which is our first single off of our new record 'The Rise and Fall of Babylon' was one of those songs that evolved a bit from what it originally was. I remember having a hard time coming up with a concrete melody for this track.

We came up with the initial structure for it pretty quickly but even then the arrangement kept changing quite a bit. We find ourselves our own worst critics when it comes to writing music. We've tried to set the bar so high that we are constantly editing ourselves until we feel the track is tight and concise. I remember we were at rehearsals before a big show of ours and I think we weren't having a lot of luck locking the arrangement down or vocal parts. We came out of there that day kinda frustrated. That night I was trying to finish writing lyrics for the song when I had this melody come into my head for the beginning section of the song, these "whoa" parts. It was at that moment for me that everything came together and kinda glued the whole track together. I remember coming back to our next rehearsal the very next day telling the guys I think I've got the answer. They heard it and dug it we then everything came together with the arrangement and the rest was history.

The song is about coming to terms and rising up from a situation in a relationship that you know is not going to work out even after trying so hard in the process to make it work. It's a song of empowerment to a certain degree and hope.

It's not coming from a standpoint of hurting the other person even though they've hurt you during the course of the relationship. It's one of reaching that final closure.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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