Singled Out: Thanks Brother's We Are Different

Thanks Brother

Irish duo Thanks Brother just released their debut single "We Are Different" and to celebrate we asked Roisin O to tell us the story behind the new track. Here is the story:

The single "We Are Different" came about last year when John Broe and I were writing for another project. We started writing these songs that really made sense to the both of us, and that's when we decided to start the duo that we are now calling Thanks Brother.

Ireland as a country had gone through a great shift as we reached our 20s. We were the first country to legislate for marriage equality by popular vote in a referendum. We both have friends who were directly affected by the vote, and the youth of Ireland felt a huge pride that we finally got to show the world that we are out from under the shadow of the Catholic Church and prove that we are leading the world in the march towards equality.

The single "We Are Different" isn't directly about that referendum. Instead, we wanted to write something that celebrated being different in any way, something that people who felt marginalized could listen to and realize they are better for it. Something that expresses our love and individuality and refuses to condemn any minority or majority, even those who would speak against us. 

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself right here!

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