Singled Out: Sarah Sharp's Pieces

Sarah Sharp

Austin Music Award-winning musician Sarah Sharp recently released her new EP 'Wake' and to celebrate we asked her to share the story behind the song "Pieces". Here is the story:

"Pieces" was inspired by the Jungian theory of the shadow self. The idea is that the darker aspects of our psyche need to be integrated on the surface, brought to the light, in order to gain some degree of mastery over them and not be unconsciously whipped around by it all. It was also triggered by something a yoga teacher said one day in class. It interests me because I think our emotions manifest in the body.

"Give me something I can face. Give me devils, give me a taste. Just give me something to deepen into. It's love and punishment with you. Just give me something I can chase. Give me demons, give me grace…"

It's about my deep desire to face it all… my own and that of my lover, in order to have more freedom. What are we meant to learn from each other? A lot of people aren't up for that, but that's where I am in life. I would much rather bring it up and out than be a victim to it. It sounds serious, but it can be quite humorous to own your stuff, to become the observer. Everything is a balance of light and dark, ying and yang…

If this resonates, I highly recommend the book "We" by Robert Johnson.

This song is a co-write with Andrea Perry. She and I have a duo called Kaliyo, which is mostly production music. We do not perform together because Andrea will not. We have a Kaliyo version of this song from years ago. I started playing this song live with my Austin band, Mitch Watkins - guitar, Pat Harris - Bass, Masumi Jones - drums, Oliver Steck - organ and it became something very different over time. We recorded it with everyone but me in the same room. No click, no overdubs, just like what you would hear live.

Thanks for listening!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the EP right here!

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Singled Out: Sarah Sharp's Pieces