New Guns N' Roses Or New Nirvana Needed Says Tremonti 2018 In Review


New Guns N' Roses Or New Nirvana Needed Says Tremonti was a top 18 story of June 2018: Mark Tremonti (Alter Bridge, Tremonti, Creed) has mixed feelings about the future of rock when asked if he is confident or concerned for the future of rock and metal, and believes the scene needs a new group the likes of Guns N' Roses or Nirvana to shake things up.

Tremonti is no stranger to multi-platinum success and he was asked the question about rock's future during an interview promoting the new Tremonti album and tour by Metal Wani.

He said he was both "confident or concerned" about the future of rock and metal and explained, ". I think that digital age has really created an over-saturation of information. It's hard to make a splash out there, it's hard to get noticed at all. Back in the day, if you got the record deal and you hit the radio, everybody knew about you. Nowadays you have a million and two bands putting clips on YouTube.

"Nowadays, I go to YouTube to see new bands and whatnot, and I don't know who has a record deal, I don't know who doesn't have a record deal, I don't know who deserves it. By the time you've listened to a three-minute song, it's too late to figure that out. Good side of things is that people are getting better and better at their instruments, and more creative. I think it's just harder to find them these days.

"I think the world needs a new band, a new rock band that comes out and shakes things up. They need a new Guns N' Roses or a new Nirvana - something that comes and shakes things up."

In the follow-up he was asked if he feels responsibility to carry on the torch? and he responded, "I think we're doing our best to create music that we're passionate about, but I think we're a long way off of being that big figure that pushes rock and metal to the next generations. I think that one thing we're missing with both my bands [Alter Bridge and solo band Tremonti where he's the frontman] is that larger-than-life personality kind of thing that comes along with some of these huge bands.

"There's no Mick Jagger... Myles [Kennedy] is an excellent frontman, but we don't get the media push like a lot of these massive bands that really become those Guns N' Roses and Nirvana of the world that really changed the scene and created new excitement for genres.

"I think we kind of stayed under the radar when it comes to the public eye. You don't go to the haircut to the local buzzclips and tell them what band you're in. Like, 'My kids love your band! I love your band!' If you said you were Metallica, people would faint. We're still kind of under the radar to outside of the rock world."

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