Singled Out: Releaser's Taking Over (Week in Review)


Singled Out: Releaser's Taking Over was a top story on Monday: Chicago rockers Releaser are releasing their debut EP "Retox" this Friday and to celebrate we asked singer/guitarist Stephen Richard Mueller to tell us about the single "Taking Over". Here is the story:

The song Taking Over was the first song Releaser wrote on the spot at a rehearsal. Previously, I never started an idea with my band members present. I would always come with a song I wrote, or at the least verse and chorus melody written with the chords, and the band would build from there. When I showed up to rehearsal, Andre(guitar, vocals) showed me a riff he wrote as well as rhythm chords to go with it. I immediately came up with a melody and when the rest of the band showed up, we finished the song in about two hours, minus lyrics. The goal for the song was that it needed to be as short as possible while not feeling incomplete. Short and sweet.

The lyrics are about a time in your life when you can feel your addictions taking over and getting in the way of things you would like to or need to get done in your life. Maybe if I utilized my time better instead of wasting it away, I would have started this band 5 years ago... Maybe 10 years ago... I could go over scenarios all day.

We initially went in to record Taking Over and two other songs with producer Nick Radovanovic from Wire and Vice studios. Since I drew a lot of inspiration and influence from his past band Acceptance, we were definitely looking forward to working with him. We all found soon after that we had a great team in place, and fed off each other ideas very well. While recording, Nick added midi production behind the song which fit well with the mood and tension we were trying to create. We are stoked on how the final product turned out, and excited to share it with the world!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the EP - right here!

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Singled Out: Releaser's Taking Over