Massive Lefty Frizzell Box Set Announced

Lefty Frizzell

(Conqueroo) Bear Family Records have announced that thy will be releasing a brand new 20-CD Lefty Frizzell box set called "Article From Life: The Complete Recordings", on October 19th.

Undeniably the most definitive collection of the country star's material, this majestic 20-CD anthology delivers a complete assembling of Frizzell's recordings - including many tracks not on the prior Bear Family releases - that provide a fascinating, in-depth look at this legendary musician's work. No less an authority than the acclaimed author/producer Colin Escott has hailed this epic release as "the cornerstone of every country music collection."

An Article From Life's first nine CDs chronologically cover Frizzell's 25-year recording career. Disc One kicks off with the two songs on his 1950 breakout first single, "I Love You a Thousand Ways" and "If You've Got the Money, I've Got the Time," while Disc Nine ends with "Life's Like Poetry," a Merle Haggard tune from his last album, Classic Style, which released just months before Frizzell's tragic death in 1975, when he was just 47 years old. In between are 260-some tracks, all newly remastered, of all the songs Frizzell released on 45, 78 and LP, featuring such signature numbers as "Always Late (With Your Kisses)," "Look What Thoughts Will Do," "Forever (and Always)," "Long Black Veil," "She's Gone Gone Gone," and "Saginaw, Michigan."

The set's next trio of CDs dig even deeper into the Frizzell vaults. The first two discs are stocked with 71 tracks of demos and private recordings that include material going back to the 1940s. The third disc, meanwhile, presents hard-to-find radio recordings that Frizzell did for the Navy and Air Force on Country Music Time and for the U.S. Army-produced Country Style USA. An Article From Life's final eight discs offer an audio book version of the well-regarded biography I Love You a Thousand Ways: The Lefty Frizzell Story read by its author, David Frizzell, Lefty's little brother and a country music star in his own right.

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Massive Lefty Frizzell Box Set Announced

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