Singled Out: Neverwonder's Give It All (Week in Review)


Singled Out: Neverwonder's Give It All was a top story on Thursday: Neverwonder just released a brand new two track EP and to celebrate we asked the group to tell us about the song "Give It All" and each member shared their perspective! Here are the stories:

First off thank you for having us on Single Out, we are very excited to share this experience with everybody, and we really like this idea to explain how the process happens and give a little insight to our song "Give It All".

Fabienne Grisel Vocalist: It's got a cool groove reminiscent of the early Chilly Peppers but with female vocals. It goes from sexy/sarcastic to full on I am not gonna take it from you. You cannot do this to me. I think everyone can relate to a love story gone bad, but there are too many songs out there that depict the girl as the victim and I personally appreciate the ones that don't depict us as helpless little things. That's how I sang it, from a place of taking back the power. It's empowering and it feels more realistic as well.

The music also is powerful but has a good deal of dynamics and it helps drive the message across. It's got a really funky groove so it makes you want to move/dance.

During the production, we were all very excited to try new sounds and I was particularly interested in having some cool effects added to the backup vox, to add texture and drive the message across even more.
Almost like talking to yourself back and forth.

I think we succeeded in making this track an interesting one for sure. With some heavy bass and drums that added a current vibe and killer guitars to keep it rockin'.

Hello my name is Andres Ramos Drummer for NEVERWONDER
Give It All is fun song to play it has great elements of rock, funk and blues and show cases the vocals. This song was recorded at For the Record Studio we have recorded a lot of music at this studio. So every time we are there it reminds of all the times we have recorded there. I'm really happy with the way the song turned out, a lot of the times you go into the studio with a vision or the way you think it should sound, but when the song is complete it may be different, but that's the beauty of writing and collaborating with great musicians because in the end everyone is passionate about the song and their art, so you know it will turn out great… and that's the case for Give It All…

Hi my name is Jay Wise Guitarist; I have the opportunity to play some rockin guitar in NEVERWONDER. This isn't a challenge for the weak. I'm able to use my vast experience to fill NEVERWONDER with magic. When NEVERWONDER first approached me with the song "Give It All", I had to decide how I could use my interpretation of guitar playing to accent the greatness that was already there. Using some the new flavors of guitarist, I was able place a new sound blended with old school licks. Lots of fun utilizing harmonic and octave effects to fatten up the chorus and bridge of the song. I particularly was challenged with the guitar solo. I decided to give a rock blues and jazz blues flavor….which turned out great in the studio. My sound is ever evolving on current and future songs.

Hello I'm Vincent Ramos the Bassist of NEVERWONDER, As for the bass sound I used for the tracking for Give It All, I used my GK 800RB head and 2x15" cab along with some pedals to create my tone. But in the mix down stage I did experiment with some tones and what I call a grinding tone to add a little more of an updated vibe and tone for today. Also during the mix we pushed the bass in the Chorus and in the bridge, The new drum sound is heavy and big which I love, guitar parts work really well and the vocals are great new, full of strength and passion! I really liked how it came out and hope you guys like it too.

So we hope you like our vision of the song "Give It All", we had a blast doing the song and we are excited for the next set of songs that are coming! We hope you check back and visit us, see a show. Check out the NEVERWONDER World at www.neverwonder.com - right here!

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