Singled Out: Living Machines' The Valkyrie V2 (Week in Review)

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Singled Out: Living Machines' The Valkyrie V2 was a top story on Wednesday: Living Machines' Quinn McGraw (Drums & Vocals) tells us about the story behind their track The Valkyrie V2. Here is the story:

The Valkyrie V2 is a bonus version of the original song The Valkyrie, from our debut EP I: After Onyx (later released in a bonus "Declassified Booster Pack" with two songs on it.) We had parted ways with our old vocalist shortly before releasing our debut EP. After bringing in our new front man Ryan Card, we figured we'd rock a bit of an unplugged version of a song from the EP to give him a proper introduction.

All of our music is based on a comic book series I'm writing called Gemini: A Tale of Future Earth. That being said, all lyrical themes and content pertain to the story. I try my best to write character moments in the books so that the lyrics can have a relatable element to them - which will be very apparent in the new EP we're presently writing.

This song in particular takes place between two characters in the story, James Gearheart and Luther Vance, as they have an intimate conversation about the fate of the human race. They discuss how to end a war that has spanned almost 5 years, but Luther can't end the war by himself and needs James' help in virtually every way possible.

Lyrically, the themes at hand are about confiding in our closest friends in the darkest of days; trusting those near to us in hopes that by coming together they can alleviate our suffering, personally and in the world. Additionally, it lyrically illustrates perceiving war and wanting it to end.

After recording the song, we brought it to Jordan Chase (Secret & Whisper / Shreddy Kreuger) to produce the single. He helped us build vocal melodies and really bring the production to a new level for us. Our working relationship with him was so smooth that he is taking on doing our new EP as well!

Tons of new things in the works, so thanks for checking out our latest single and be sure to keep an eye out for new content coming your way this fall!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album - right here!

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