Metallica Was Right About Napster Says Mastodon Star (Week in Review)


Metallica Was Right About Napster Says Mastodon Star was a top story on Thursday: Mastodon guitarist Bill Kelliher says that be believes Metallica was right to take on Napster in the legendary band's infamous legal battle over illegal song downloading.

Kelliher discussed the move during an interview with Let There Be Talk when the topic came to a new law the will regulate how artists are paid by online music services.

He said (via UG), "I was one of the few people [back in the day] that actually publicly said, 'I agree with Lars Ulrich. I think he's got balls to actually stand up to Napster.' Do I agree with arresting everyone who's illegally downloading? No. It's the same as like, legalizing marijuana. If 50 million people are smoking it, you're not gonna arrest everybody. Just make it legal.

"So with illegal downloading, the way I look at it is: Everyone's like, 'These rock stars, they make enough money, I can just illegally download a couple of songs here and there.'

"But if millions of people start doing that, it kills the record industry. And to me, the record industry, the record companies, should have foreseen this coming in the future and prepared for it." Read more - here.

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