Singled Out: Granny 4 Barrel's She Likes Guns

Granny 4 Barrel

'Matriarch Of Metal' Granny 4 Barrel recently released a brand new video for the song "She Likes Guns" and we asked Granny to share the background behind the track and clip with us. Here is the story:

This song with its Quinten Tarantino esque vibe is about unabashed women who take down villains/bad guys. It's really quite simple. I wanted put a different spin on the idea of a song about guns. The fact is women are sexy, powerful and dangerous...just like guns. Just the raw idea of that to me is a worthy topic to write about. I wanted to explore this and find the best way to convey it without the negativity that's normally associated with guns.

Guns will never not be in the news and just because some people will have a hard time relating to a song about guns doesn't stop my artist curiosity and inspirational quest of songwriting ideas.

You can take this song as literal or metaphorical. If it's metaphorical the guns represent the woman's inner strength, willingness to take action and courage. Let's take it line by line:

1st lines:
Hand in my pocket
Slide it down to the tip
Her personal freedom
Is one with the grip....She Likes Guns

-It's innuendo here.....and she's got freedom to choose what she decides

2nd lines:
She's armed in the bedroom
She's packin' at work
She's got one in her corset
When she goes to church

-She's in charge of her sexuality, in charge at work, stylistically with the way she adorns herself and chooses to believe what she wants to believe...she's always "armed" and in control...always on her terms

3rd Lines:
Hammer to powder
Powder to force
She'll put down a villain
On his villainous course

-She will settle the score and get justice on any kind of wrong doing against her or anyone else that she chooses. She takes down the bad guys. There's a thread of revenge that runs through this.

Once the song was recorded and produced by Jeff Tomei( Smashing Pumpkins, Jerry Cantrell, Matchbox Twenty) we needed a video.

Last May 2017 we hired Stormy Daniels to direct the video for the song. This was long before her name was in the news on a daily basis. Although she's known primarily for her adult film work, most people don't know that she's a gifted director and cinematographer.

She is a mutual friend of Jesse James Dupree (singer for Jackyl and owner of Mighty Loud Records our label) and he suggested her for the job. Stormy and I had some initial discussions about the project and decided it would be exciting to work together. Once we had a treatment done, we planned out the shoot and filmed it all in one day a month later in June. We were so pleased with how it came out, she did an incredible job!

Originally "She Likes Guns" was going to be our first single, but we had some push back at radio due to the nature of the songs provocative theme. So the song and video got shelved. Fast forward to now. We decided that this would be the right time to release the video.

It's crazy how the meaning of the song and timing of this release has now been taken to another level because of Stormy's involvement...you couldn't make this stuff up!

People can choose to interpret the song/video literally or metaphorically or any other way they decide but one thing is for certain......"She" is a badass .....Just the way Granny likes it

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself right here!

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