Singled Out: The Colour You's Set Me Free

The Colour You

Alternative rockers The Colour You just released a music video for their new single "Set Me Free" and to celebrate we asked Julian Comeau to tell us about the song and the video. Here is the story:

Essentially, "Set Me Free" is about questioning whether or not someone could/should be a means of escape from the hell in your head. On one side you've got this damaged soul looking for an escape, and on the other, there is this beautiful angel-like figure who's intrigued by the danger of this damaged "bad boy" image, but not quite brave enough to be that escape.

The verses were written to have a darker edgier vibe to them to show that it's from his point of view, how he sees her; how he wants to corrupt her. When making the video we treated it the same way, you can see that there's a different mood to the way the verses were filmed using different colored lights and darker imagery. When the chorus kicks in you can hear the lift in the music representing that it's now speaking for the girl in the story, and visually you can see this change in the video putting the couple in a more intimate setting.

Filming the video took 2 days to complete. We shot all the performance shots on the first day and everything else on the second day. We filmed that bedroom shots at a 4-star hotel we rented in downtown Baton Rouge. This was extremely difficult to pull off because the hotel had really tight security at all the entrances and when reserving the room you have to provide a guest list of people you will have on the premises, and for a single room it was a 3 person max. There were 9 people involved in the shooting of these scenes so we had to find a way to sneak everyone up to the room with all this camera gear, lighting, makeup bags, wardrobes, and PA system with the only elevator, that required a key card to use and we only had 2 keys for 9 people, being right next to the front desk; wasn't easy, but we pulled it off haha

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the band right here!

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