Bleeding Through Frontman Calls Out The 'Bring Me The Horizon Effect'

Bleeding Through

Bleeding Through frontman Brandan Schieppati was asked in a recent interview about the current scene and he was critical of what he calls the "Bring Me The Horizon effect".

Schieppati told Jon's Untitled podcast (via Metal Hammer): "I think in the last four or five years, what you're really getting is the 'Bring Me The Horizon effect.' You see a band that started off as a crappy metalcore band and found themselves later on in what they did. It's kind of led me to believe that maybe the metalcore/death metal crossover thing they were doing wasn't really them to begin with.

"Bring Me The Horizon's last two records, to me, are some of the best that have come out from the genre in a long time. With that popularity, you automatically see bands that try to copy that sound and that kind of approach. You have bands like Architects and While She Sleeps, which I also really like, that carry that torch."

Schieppati didn't limit his criticism to bands that sound like BMTH. He added: "I've also noticed in the last four years that bands that don't sound like Bring Me The Horizon - every other band sounds like Emmure with A Day To Remember chorus.

"Every record sounds exactly the same - every song is three minutes and fifteen seconds. It's a carbon copy of the same noise coming out of a record. I'm not saying noise like it's a bad thing. There's no rawness to a record any more. Bands have discovered how to polish a turd and they do it very well."

The frontman continues "When you go to see these bands, you're like, 'These dudes don't even know how to play their instruments. This is crazy.' It's like one of those things where every record is horribly auto-tuned.

"It takes all the realness out of a record. I just think that's the new norm - try to be as perfect as you can. Which leads me to that Bring Me The Horizon effect, because their records are just perfect. But everybody just tries to copy them.

"Labels know what sound sells and bands know how to get that sound. There's some cool bands, but everything sounds exactly the same when it comes to recording and that's weird to me."

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