Singled Out: Lizzy Borden's Long May They Haunt Us

Lizzy Borden

Lizzy Borden triumphantly returned with his first new album in 11 years last week "My Midnight Things" and to celebrate we asked him to share the story behind the song "Long May They Haunt Us." Here is the story:

While I was writing and recording the My Midnight Things album I took a walk in-between sessions. As I started to walk, this theme started buzzing around in my head. By the time I came back from the walk I had written the majority of my new single/video "Long May They Haunt Us". The melody, a lot of the lyrics and even the guitar solo came to me like a vision long before I picked up an instrument to work it all out. But I didn't have to work it all out, it was mostly done on just one quick walk around the block.?

With the song "Long May They Haunt Us" I wanted to explore that longing of love loss, whether it was the death of someone close or just this special someone that is no longer in your life and never will be again for whatever reason. That kind of loss can be devastating and may never go away. but I really wanted to write an anthem where you could scream at the sky, and kind of spit out that pit in your stomach and celebrate that this person was even in your life at all and just drink a toast to the memory, that you secretly hope will never go away. "remember all our tomorrows, let's have one more for the road, long may they haunt us".?

For the video, we decided to show the main character perched on his throne brooding along with "seemingly" a room full of lost ghosts cheering him on. He's unaware that his slowly decaying and all he can think about is the girl that is no longer with him. He changes his look like a chameleon based on the words that he's reminiscing about, the dark thoughts and the white hopeful delusions. He dreams about the past with her when things were good, but she keeps vanishing out of his site "just a little bit out of reach". there is no happy ending here, the main character vanishes and we find out, he was the ghost all along.?

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself here and learn more about the album right here!

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