Singled Out: Dynamos' Stainless (Week in Review)


Singled Out: Dynamos' Stainless was a top story on Thursday: Dynamos recently released their rockin new single "Stainless" and to celebrate we asked Nadia E to share the story behind the track with us. Here is the story:

"Stainless" is about being stagnant in life. You don't do much of anything, maybe, because it's hard and you're lazy. Maybe you are indecisive and don't know what you want, or, you're afraid to do something different and big because you might fail, so you stay still. You envision the prospects of being a mover and a shaker, journeying to great destinations of life, yet still, you are just sitting waiting for the train to come. The most you're doing in the present is sitting and thinking about not sitting and thinking, and the longer you do, like an old fence, you rust.

The creative process for "Stainless", written by our composer, Whil Harlan, was a fun challenge for me. I wanted to express the seriousness of the lyrics, written in metaphor, while keeping an upbeat, 'pep-in-the-step' performance along with the music. I needed to take a heavy aspect of life and make it bright and strong. Somber isn't exciting, but why not try to relieve the weight of the theme for three minutes?

We all had a really good time at the video shoot for "Stainless"! What I loved most about the shoot was when the steady cam came up and circled around us individually as we played. Everyone got to have a fun, 'all eyes on me' spotlight moment! The cameraman was impressive running around holding up that heavy camera! He'd get a close up of lead guitar then shoot over across the stage for a shot of bass and just zig-zagged over and over for shots! We had fun with that!

Recording "Stainless" was quite comfortable. We were well rehearsed in advance so it was a cakewalk for us in the recording studio. Everything was laid back. We knew our parts like the back of our hands and that made for an enjoyable session. When you can relax and just do your work because you're prepped and fresh, the recording studio is an inspiring and motivating place to be. It's stainless.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself - right here!

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