Singled Out: Phillip Broussard (Week in Review)

Phillip Broussard

Singled Out: Phillip Broussard was a top story on Thursday: Today Phillip Broussard shares the story behind the song "All Over Again", which comes from his recently released "Wavelength" EP. Here is the story:

I was sitting on my spare bed when I wrote the opening riff of this
song. I was in one of those places where I was feeling off and life was
slapping me around. I had spoken to a few friends about what they were
going through in their lives and how they were feeling about life. One
of them had told me about he and his wife having a huge fight and she
had left on a trip without him to see her parents out of state. He had
told me how he stopped shaving, wasn't eating well and wasn't
exercising. They had conversations on the phone but ultimately they felt
frustrating and empty. He had a moment where he had prayed that she
would come back. He had told me that she knocked on their front door and
had surprised him.

I wrote the song in a major key in an attempt to have a certain duality
with the song. The early premise is one of loss so it seemed counter to
write that in a major key. With that said, during the happy times in the
song, I wrote it in a minor key to give it a remorseful tone. The song
tries to express that the sad times can have happy endings.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album - right here!

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