Singled Out: Trubdr Adam Road's Ain't No Love

Trubdr Adam Road

Los Angeles/Tel Aviv based musician Trubdr Adam Road just released a music video for the new single "Ain't No Love" and to celebrate we asked him to tell us about the track. Here is the story:

"Aint No Love" really just came to me while I was in a studio recording an album that, parts of it, kinda saw the light of day for a minute, with my old outfit City of the Sun. Stuff was really bad between all the bandmates at the time, but everything was kinda crazy in a good sense. On one hand one of the bandmates was dating Lindsay Lohan, and that was not hurting our press that much... but myself and the other founder just couldn't seem to find a meeting ground, well no one had a meeting ground at that point is was absolute chaos, and the girl I was dating was just out of her mind on a level one could only be in LA.. She will proudly tell you she's the reason it's called LaLaLand, or at least she upholds the tradition.

Lots of fights with the band and just nights spent out walking around the parking lot of the motel that our Label had set us up in, while we were in the studio. I kinda sunk my way into a place where songs were just coming out because something had to. I was so numb and I think everyone was at that point that I could not even write songs with full sentences... which is great for radio. But we had been on the streets of NYC street performing for years at that point. Lost some good friends to drugs in the club scene, partied as hard as any wannabe musician at 23 in New York would and should, and we were broke the whole time. We slept where ever we could and had promoter friends so we never paid for drinks and then we busked every day and lived off of that. Sh*t was rough...

I finally recorded the song a couple years later and it just felt like it pieced itself together in the studio... like even the lingering notes at the end of the song were headphone bleed of the riff the second guitar plays in the verse. The producer Dave Weingarten was sitting at the board and I guess let the playback run and I heard that and had him stick it at the end and it is literally audio equivalent to the "cherry on top of the cake". The video for this song also just kinda fell into place so I dunno if I can even take credit for this whole fiasco.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself right here!

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