Singled Out: The Tuten Brothers' Hallelujah

The Tuten Brothers

Up and coming country band The Tuten Brothers has just released their new single "Hallelujah" and to celebrate we asked Sam Tuten to tell us the story behind the track. Here is the story:

"Hallelujah" is the story of one of the hardest times in my life. I was struggling to manage a busy schedule, maintain a difficult relationship with my brother, and battle the pervasive feeling that I was failing in every aspect of my life. I started to see my heart for what it actually was: broken and dirty.

During a sleepless night (one of the best times to write a song), I started to craft the words for "Hallelujah." Spilling my heart out on the page, the words began to become music that spoke everything that I was feeling. This song admits to my brokenness and despair and describes my personal journey of finding hope in the free grace of God.

The first time we played "Hallelujah" in front of a live crowd was a powerful experience. Two days after we released the song, we headlined a show at the Georgia Theatre in Athens, Georgia with over 600 fans. I briefly shared the story behind the song with our fans who had never heard it. As I played it, I saw one flashlight go up in the air, waving back and forth. To my surprise, hundreds of others joined in with their flashlights in the air. Every light in the house was turned off and the flashlights were the only things lighting up the room. It was an intimate moment, in which I could no longer see anyone in the crowd and it caused me to feel strangely alone. In that moment, it was only the band and me before God, singing a county song of brokenness and redemption.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself right here!

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