Singled Out: Mick McMains' Time Well Wasted

Mick McMains

Mick McMains recently released his new album "American Soul" and to celebrate we asked him to share the story behind the song "Time Well Wasted". Here is the story:

I was hanging with my buddy musician/filmmaker Davey Drew Hatter, one of the members of the Patsy Cline tribute band I was in back in the 90's. We had a great gal who would sing and tell stories. I've forgotten her name… We were Patsy & the ReCliners. Cute huh? We travelled all over the places no-one goes to. First gig was Billings Montana. You get the picture. Anyway - I was trying to talk Drew into making a video out of "Never 2 Late 4 Love". He didn't like the song much and said "I guess I got some time to waste." I said cheerily that it would be time well wasted. My songwriter bulb went off, so I quickly wrote down what I knew was a great title. (I had no idea until long after it was recorded that Brad Paisley had the same great idea a few years earlier.)

Later when I had time to compose, I wanted a real party song. At first I opened with big rock chords just like the Who's "Won't get fooled again" and then into the action. Fortunately when I played the song for my best friend writer/bartender Mark Brown he said "Lose the opening. It sounds like "Won't get fooled again"."

Drums are handled by the sensational Jeff Stridde, also in the ReCliners. Bass, Harmonies, and Extra Guitar by New Zealander Geoff Maddock. He came up with the Queen like bits.

The 2nd verse is fun for me because the guy is telling his wife he has to go fishing and golfing. It's part of getting the inner house in order. In the end we modulate and find ourselves in my studios' back yard singing to the stars… My life in a nutshell.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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Singled Out: Mick McMains' Time Well Wasted