Singled Out: Heather Whitney's Moving On Song

Heather Whitney

Texan musical powerhouse Heather Whitney recently released her new album "Moving On" and to celebrate we asked her to tell us the story behind the track "Moving On Song". Here is the story:

Moving On Song is possibly one of my favorite songs on my album. It's upbeat, yet has a story to tell that I think everyone can relate to. We all have our story of that moment we threw in the towel and we were moving on. We may not of wanted to, it might have been a hard move. But no matter what we've all had to move on a time or two. I started writing "Movin' on Song" on my way back from visiting my grandparents and I had finally talked my Grandpa into his Rolex watch he kept in a safe and never wore. At the time, I was going through a lot of different things in my personal life, as we all do, and I just looked at it and after several glances of admiration of this beautiful gold Rolex on my wrist, "this watch on my wrist is telling me it's time to let him go" popped into my head and it went from there! You know how sometimes you can put something on, or get something new and it can make you feel on top of the world! Like, "hell yes I'm going rock the socks off today" . Well this watch apparently gave me the strength to make me think I was strong enough to move on and from that day forward I kinda have been. It was a slow process but I've officially "moved on" . I got all the way to the first verse of the first chorus and was stumped. I couldn't think of ANYTHJNG that went with" keep em coming all night long", I held this song for months and months. So I eventually mentioned it to a dear friend of mine that has a extraordinary talent for coming up with punch lines and phrases! We sat on the porch for about 20 minutes and then Autum finally blurted out, "because tonight, this is my Movin' on song" and I knew it when I heard it that it was what that song had been missing. The punch line, "Moving on"! Damn right we're Movin' on. It was like the ultimate Shabam I had been searching for. After that we were able to take what I had and what she came up with and did the damn thing. I think it turned into a really great song and I hope all my fans love it just as much as I do. . So here's to me, and here's to you and here's to Movin' on when we don't want to.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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Singled Out: Heather Whitney's Moving On Song