Singled Out: Madison's Work It


Madison recently released her latest single "Work It" and today she tells us about the track. Here is the story:

'Work It' came about as the final piece in a trifecta of songs about female empowerment. The first song was 'Hustle' - that was inspired by Hillary Clinton's run for the White House. Everything she was up against, the blatant misogyny .. it made a lot of women very angry. This song spoke to how hard she had to 'hustle' just to be considered. We know what we are up against as women, it's this sort of unspoken current running under every woman's ambitions, but to see it on such proud display, really woke the beast.

My next song in the series is called 'Baller.' This song brings into play the idea of 'no woman, no man, I am who I am' -- the thought of WHAT IF there wasn't this gender stereotype - what if we were all just equal?

Lastly is 'Work It' - this is my ode to black girl magic, to Beyonce to Serena Williams..to Oprah and now Stacey Abrams .. this all powerful iconic female just taking her time, doing the work , hands in the dirt. Slowly and surely breaking down the barriers.. taking risks, one foot in front of the other.. no need to rehearse it.. ('watch how I work it, no rehearsing it.') She is AUTHENTIC, she is Super Woman. She knows how to work it. And we are all the better for it.

The actual lines for the song came together as I literally was envisioning someone larger than life..I become her for a moment, the roar of a crowd.. the anticipation of the display of her prowess.. 'they see me I'm coming they open the gate.. they know my name and I make them all wait. WAIT. I see what I want and I'm after it, I see what I want and I'm on to it.. Yellow to black .. I'm the talk of the town, yellow to black and I'm taking it down.. (the words were just flowing..) CAN YOU DO BETTER I THINK NOT, I'M IN IT, CAN YOU DO BETTER? I THINK NOT I'M TIPPING.

The producer I was working with and long time friend and collaborator Dave Bassett was just laying down a thick beat as I was tumbling this out.. I told him what it meant , what I was thinking and he was all in on creating this powerful track around the theme. It's usually how I start most songs.. a vision .. and the words just tumble out. I hope I did the ladies justice.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself right here!

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