Singled Out: Jonathon Long's The Light

Jonathon Long

Blues 'n' boogie guitarist Jonathon Long has a new self-titled album and to celebrate we asked him to tell us about the track "The Light". Here is the story:

If I were to pick a song to tell you about it would be "The Light", which is a more Americana style tune than that of the Blues/Rock vein folks are used to hearing from me. My friend and fellow writer Shamus V. Mosbey and I were sitting on my couch in my Baton Rouge home and he asked me to write a tune as we sat there so he could see the process that I take when writing and putting music to it. Shamus is a fan of my Americana and Country music and he has always turned me on to some great songs by many different writers in those styles, one of my favorites being Ray Wylie Hubbard. So I grabbed my acoustic and played a big open E minor chord, the room was dark as were the walls and the only visible light was coming from a lamp in the adjacent corner of the room which in that moment reminded me of the light of God. I come from a very spiritual background being raised in a full gospel home and playing in church my entire life, so in about 15 minutes I wrote "The Light". It talks about the light shining through the darkness, on the ocean, and across the entire World and no matter how dark the space, the light will always shine through and prevail. When I heard the finished mix for this tune, it brought both chills to my body and tears to my eyes. I came out so lovely and the piano (Phil Breen) and fiddle (Michael Harvey) just made the track sing. It really spoke to me in a positive way and I'm the one who wrote it, so I knew it was a song that I wanted to put out so all of my friends and supporters could hopefully feel the same positivity that I felt. One of my biggest goals as a writer is to write about uplifting things and how to deal with situations in love and life constructively. There is enough negativity and evil in our World today so my goal has always been to combat that with positive writings and storylines, like "The Light". Even in a sad song, you can find an uplifting moral or moment. Please check out my new self-titled album "Jonathon Long" and I hope it blesses you. 

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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Singled Out: Jonathon Long's The Light

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