Singled Out: Bexley's Run Rabbit Run


Seattle rocker Bexley is gearing up to release her new EP "Lost In The Moment" on January 18th and to celebrate she tells us about the single "Run Rabbit Run". Here is the story:

When I first met my co-writer Aaron Edwards, we instantly hit it off with our mutual love for the Pacific Northwest. Turns out we were two songwriters from Washington that ended up in LA to follow our dreams. "Run Rabbit Run" is actually the first song we wrote together after we met. The song flowed out of us as we conversed about the meaning of life and the state of our world.

We both got hooked on the idea of the lyrics in the chorus "Run Rabbit Run": "the wolves are gonna come" because it drew a picture in our heads, the wolves being women and rabbits being disrespectful men. It's ironic because in a lot of situations some men that harass women are referred to as predators, like a wolf. But we flipped the situation and gave the power to women. The song is meant to give you the idea that you don't have to be afraid of potential harassers if you learn to be smart and strong.

Personally, I've learned the hard way to be a strong woman, especially in today's society. Aaron really believed in the message and it gave me a new confidence as a female in rock. Since I started playing in bands at age 13 I have always been one of the few girls in the scene. All my band mates have always been men, more times than not I've played shows with all men. As a teenager it was difficult for me to have confidence in who I was, a young girl who loved to sing rock n' roll and play guitar. But as I grew older I started to realize that being what I am set me apart from everyone else and I ran with that. I'm so proud to be a woman who loves to rock, and "Run Rabbit Run" is my anthem. I hope it becomes the anthem for every girl (or guy) that needs the boost of confidence to be strong and proud as well. You don't have to be afraid of the world.

I recorded everything myself on this song, minus the drums, which were done by Elijah Wood. Aaron was a mad-scientist: mixing guitar pedals, plug ins, and vocal effects. He pushed me to play everything myself, which I loved. All the sounds you hear are done with guitars, bass, or my vocals. There aren't any synthesizers or keys because we wanted to create all the noises with those instruments. Listen closely to the sounds and see if you can pick out which instrument is doing what, because we've fooled a few people so far!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself here and learn more about the EP right here!

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Singled Out: Bexley's Run Rabbit Run

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