Singled Out: Beyond The Black's Million Lightyears

Beyond The Black

Beyond The Black just released their brand new album "Heart of the Hurricane" and to celebrate we asked them to tell us about the song "Million Lightyears." Here is the story:

When this song was introduced first the band opinion was split, because it's walking a thin line between cool and cheesy. For me it never feels easy to find the right single to make our fans happy but at the same time maybe win over a new audience with it. It's not easy at all, but that's just what you want a single to do.
We finally gave it a go with "Million Lightyears" in full awareness that the song would be polarizing for the BTB audience. Since release day we got a lot of critical feedback as well as overwhelming positive response and a huge overall reach - with tons of views on YT in the first week. For us that is highly exciting and we check social media and YT 5 billion times a day! ;)

"Million Lightyears" is the first song in our history that has main male vocals from within the band (apart from screaming parts of course ;)). The funny part of it is, that it was more like an accident. Actually, we planned to make a feature with another artist but when Chris recorded the guide vocals we were stoked about how good and special it came out! So, we decided to leave it as it is and to let this album be a Beyond the Black band-piece without any feature artists.

So the song fits in well in the overall character of the album, which is coming out of the band's soul and actually is as authentic as no album before from my point of view. We know that we will have to fight with prejudices that came up in the band history and during the big line-up change we had in 2016. But "Heart Of The Hurricane" is working as a therapy for us, which shows new ways and is giving the chance to do things better than before. BTB is a new band now and you're watching us start walking our own way - with our heads up high and with heeps of energy to be unleashed in the future.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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