Singled Out: Sarahj's Safe


Melbourne pop-punk band Sarahj are gearing up to release their new EP next week and to celebrate we asked Sarah Jones to tell us about the lead single "Safe". Here is the story:

Safe was written by our beautiful singer Sarah. She wanted to tell the story of an important time of her life, a time when she met someone special and instantly felt a spark. It was from those vital moments of getting to know someone, and having those feelings grow and grow until you are almost inseparable, that Safe was born.

While it's easy to listen to Safe and hear it as a personal, fantastical love story of a relationship that defies all boundaries, we think it's just as important that you find your own meaning to it and create your own story. When Sarah presented Safe to us for the first time, the band found themselves relating to it themselves in vastly different ways. Perhaps the feeling that the song portrays doesn't just have to be one that explodes from nowhere, perhaps safety in a person is something that develops over a long period of time. Perhaps it also means to know someone for so long, and go through so much with them, that you know they could never hurt you.

The lyrics of Safe delve into personal past experiences that I'm sure a lot of people can relate to-moments of childhood and adolescent years where you felt like nobody was on your side, and you had to fend for yourself. Sarah learnt a lot of things on her own growing up. She learnt independence, and how to take care of herself in the world. Yet somehow, suddenly, everything changed when she met this person. She found herself relying on them, and trusting herself enough to let them be a source of love and guidance for her.

How is it that you could
Throw that all away?
And the smallest things you do
Could make the biggest change

The chorus ends with:

Stay awake
Don't say goodnight

This wasn't intended to be a literal interpretation of wanting someone to be awake with you just a little longer, but rather a longing for someone to be present with you- awake in a way that they feel the spark too, and you are always on their mind.

Safety and feeling at home is not just a place- it's a feeling or a person. Safety is when you can let go of everything that tells you to close yourself off from the world and keep it all inside. We hope you can relate to Safe in some way yourself. It means a lot to us to spread positive messages.

The person Sarah wrote about, and the inspiration for Safe was Connor, the drummer for Sarahj. Sarah and Connor have been together happily for two years now, and the spark never faded.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself right here!

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Singled Out: Sarahj's Safe

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