Singled Out: Geneve's Orbit (Week in Review)


Singled Out: Geneve's Orbit was a top story on Tuesday: Singer-songwriter-producer Geneve just released a brand new single called "Orbit" and to celebrate we asked her to share the story behind the song. Here is the story:

Orbit is outwardly a song about love, but one that transcends time and space. It narrates a story about two souls that in the beginning of 'time' divided, and have been searching for each other ever since. They have reconnected through various incarnations, but due to extenuating circumstances they are always pulled apart again. This song explores the possibility of them finally coming together for good in their final incarnation.

I wrote and produced this song to have a more simplistic musical sound, as I wanted the focus to be more on the lyrics. I also feel the music imitates the storyline. The initial buildup mimics the search and longing, and the more calm chorus represents when the souls reunite and everything feels weightless and serene.

My inspiration for this song came from a longing I feel most people experience, a longing for someone or something to fill a void within them. It lets us imagine what would happen if we ever found that 'other half' and how we would feel. Since I wrote it however, I've come to realize that the main longing we have (and that I felt while writing it) is really for us to feel whole within ourselves. We don't necessarily need another person, we can be our own savior. So, while this seems a love song towards another person, it also tells of the love we can discover for ourselves. That is one of the beautiful things about lyrics, they can be interpreted and mean something differently to each listener.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself here and learn more - right here!

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