Singled Out: Michelle LeBlanc's A Good Man

Michelle LeBlanc

Americana star Michelle LeBlanc just released her brand new single "A Good Man" and to celebrate we asked her to tell us about the track. Here is the story:

Have you ever wanted something so badly and have also spent what feels like a lifetime wondering if it will ever show up for you? And then it does and something about it feels too good to be true and totally freaks you out? That's kinda what this song is about for me. It's a love song at its core and it speaks of divine timing... how timing can often be the third party in a relationship. As deeply as each person can feel for the other, until there is a genuine readiness or willingness on both sides, it just can't happen. It's a celebratory song, but also hits on my personal fear that I might have screwed up the opportunity to be with my dream guy. The past is complicated and sometimes we can't see through it at what's really in front of us. I've been going through a little bit of a spiritual awakening this past year in my life, a lot of major personal transformations and reckonings with my past. There has been a lot of deep healing work I've done on myself. This song sort of came alive unexpectedly and synchronistically and right on time. It's been a really beautiful gift to me through all the heaviness I've been sitting in lately and the process of creating it has been allowing me to really practice leaning into the faith and hope and trust that things will work out in my favor... whatever that ends up looking like. It's a reminder for me that everything unfolds at the perfect time for everyone's highest good. And, of course, I can't help but hope that maybe timing will align down the line and destiny will throw dream guy and me back together again. Time will tell I guess. I hope you enjoy this tune, and it gives you hope if you are still waiting on your dream person to show up or even evokes a deep sense of gratitude if you are lucky enough to have found them already. Thanks for listening!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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