Singled Out: Hanford Reach's Asunder

Hanford Reach

Brooklyn-based neo-psych rockers Hanford Reach just released their Nathalie EP and to celebrate we asked Chris Sherman to tell us about the single "Asunder." Here is the story:

"Asunder" was a conscious effort to not write a song based around the guitar, as had been how I had always written songs. This was based around the drum groove, which I sort of beatboxed a quick recording of for reference to build upon from there. I had also just gotten a Roland Juno that I wanted to break in, so this felt like the perfect opportunity to let that be the dominant instrument of a song. Once Leah and I started to form it, we knew the chorus needed to be huge and that descending riff came about. Even though it's basically one part, there are so many dynamics here that it doesn't necessarily feel that way. Lyrically, the idea was to approach it from a different mindset as well, and talk about those internal thoughts one tends to have when looking to the past and not necessarily being able to let go.

Recording of Asunder was pretty simple, minus the twenty or thirty vocal takes it took for me to be satisfied. The guitar tones are meant to sound as early 80's as possible, echoing Alex Lifeson and Andy Summers. The staccato bass line was also an attempt by Leah to work outside of her normal comfort zone too, and it helps gives this a syncopated rhythm section. The idea to have a second drum part sounding like a drum sample was pretty spontaneous, and I'm really happy went that route. Definitely my favorite off the EP, and one of our top songs overall.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the EP right here!

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Singled Out: Hanford Reach's Asunder

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