Singled Out: Softspoken's Paradox


Post-hardcore quintet Softspoken recently released their latest single "Paradox" and to celebrate we asked vocalist Sam Scheuer to tell us about the track. Here is the story:

The idea for "Paradox" came at a time when we [the band] were together discussing our feelings about music and the industry at large. We'd gone through a lot of uphill battles already, and were preparing to record a couple of new tracks. We were discussing whether it was in the best interest for the band to match with what was popular/trending - or to do what we really felt, regardless of how it conformed. Someone close to the band would always tell us "Perception is reality" and the question for us at that time was: What were we going to make our reality?

As a band we started asking ourselves: Why do people listen to music? And how do they listen? Not the device or platform, but what is the itch that pushes someone to listen to a song? The truth is there's no simple answer. I believe that art is a natural embodiment, and I think everyone possess the ability to create or connect to a work of art - in whatever medium - but what we create and how we connect is different for each person. Each person has a different perception, and therefore a different reality. So then the question became: How do we write music to connect if everyone connects to something different? As a band we came to the conclusion that we have to just write who we are, and be honest and genuine in what we do, because people can connect with what's real.

But the issue - or paradox - there is that by being us, we were deciding to not be exactly what was trending, and therefore it would potentially be more difficult to cut through the noise to get heard. As we moved into a new album cycle, this thinking permeated everything I wrote lyrically and became the backbone for "Paradox". The song as a whole touches on the idea that sometimes by being exactly who we are and showing all of our colors, we can get lost or overlooked in a monochrome world. So there can be a true struggle between the two parts of who we are - the logic and the creative - to truly find who we are and understand how we see the world. The chorus line from the song really sums it all up. "Our world is deaf perceived, in a blank dream. Two minds that fall asleep but just one dreaming." In some way we are all consumers and creators, but challenging our perception or reception of that art can take us on a journey to find more about ourselves and the world in general.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself right here!

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Singled Out: Softspoken's Paradox

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