Singled Out: Head Honchos' Not For Me

Head Honchos

Rocco Calipari Sr, guitarist and vocalist of Valparaiso, IN rockers Head Honchos tells us about the song "Not For Me" from their debut album "Bring It On Home". Here is the story:

Head Honchos was formed 11 years ago by my son Rocco Jr and I. I'm also a long-time member of Chicago blues staples Howard & The White Boys. The song I chose for Singled Out is titled Not For Me off of our debut CD Bring It On Home on Grooveyard records. This song was sort of a life time in making. I grew up in Detroit City in a blue collar very musical family. The music bug got me at an early age with my Father always playing Chuck Berry, Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis records. Detroit also had some great home-grown music like John Lee Hooker, Motown, Bob Seger Mitch Ryder and many more.

Detroit is known as the motor city because of the booming auto industry. Many men and women in my family worked at Ford Motor Company. It was a great job to have where you could make a good living. Starting a family young at 21 years old it looked like I was destined to be a factory worker also. I got an opportunity to go through an apprenticeship in Indiana to become a welder. I finished school and wound up working at the Ford Motor Co Stamping Plant in Chicago Heights Illinois. Although I never stopped practicing and learning there was not much time to be in a band. Working long hours and overtime for your take home pay but it's the foreman, managers , area managers and other higher ups that are making the big money, which I understand but want I really wanted to do was play music. One day a coworker gave me a copy of the Illinois Entertainer. I read that Howard and The White Boys were looking for a new lead guitarist. I had heard of them because they were regulars at Buddy Guys Legends and had also toured with Buddy. I thought I'd give it a shot and I called for an audition. I did my homework and showed up very prepared. I walked out confident that I had played well.

After they had auditioned 30 other guitarist I got the call that I was selected. I was very excited but wondered how I would make it all work. I started by using vacation time and sick days to make all of the gigs. I also had a friend in labor relations that loved the blues and the band so he helped me out a lot. The day finally came when he called me into his office and said I would have to choose between work and play. I chose to play. Some people thought I may have made the wrong decision but 46 states and 15 countries later it was the best decision of my life. Fast forward to Head Honchos. while writing original music for Honchos I had a strong guitar riff that needed a strong vocal melody and lyrics. Not For Me is that song.

The chorus goes like this:
I don't want to work to make you rich no more
Because my back is broken and my feet feel sore
while you spend your money on luxury
well I'm really sorry but it's Not For Me

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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